Tico Time’s Sangha Festival 


Intimate Connections Workshop

In this interactive workshop we will explore three doorways of Intimacy. To do this, we will establish a safe container where consent is understood and respected, and emotional/physical safety is priority. We will collectively participate in a series of experiments and activities that bring us closer and closer to understanding what intimate connection means for each of us. Walls will be broken down, trauma may be released, and fun will be had.

I have facilitated this workshop in some form or another for over 7 years. It has a life of its own and often goes in the direction that the group most needs. All are welcome!

Vibes Volansky


I am the owner and founder of GoodVibes Mentorship, where I coach people through transformational life experiences, including but not limited to: recovery from drug and alcohol addiction/abuse, psychedelic experiences, relationship struggles, and general self-development and discovery.

I am the lead producer of Sangha Fest and find this task to be the most rewarding endeavor that I’ve ever set myself to.

I work as an Adventure Based Therapy Guide where I facilitate therapeutic back country excursions for adult clients of Legacy Outdoor Adventures, a primary care facility for addiction and behavioral health.

I am in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and have over 8 years of Sobriety.

200 hr YTT certified

Certified Being True to You Life Coach

Trained in Breath-work, Meditation, DBT and NVC

Over 7 years experience holding sacred space





20 Road 2050 | Aztec, NM 87410

June 7-9, 2024