Tico Time’s Sangha Festival 


Tantra: The Path of Love, Spirituality & Sexuality

There is so much more to Tantra than what you think!
Tantra is the only spiritual path that includes ALL of your body as a vehicle for self realization, and unleashes your primal power to be the highest version of yourself.

In this workshop you will learn about this ancient path and how you can learn to master and channel your sexual energy towards epic love and your wildest dreams.

Yoga & Tantra are the same path, so if you already do yoga, you have a head start!

Learn how you can use breathwork, secrets to integrate into your yoga practice, and simple practices to move beyond past conditioning and wounds to awaken your divine power, reach deeper states of consciousness, and cultivate higher levels of love and intimacy to heal yourself and your relationships.

The most powerful energy on earth which creates LIFE, is inside you, and you can access it to increase your self love, sexuality, and spirituality to unlock your truest essence and purpose.

Love is the medicine that can heal yourself, your relationships, and the planet!

Open to all gender and sexual orientations, including teenagers with parental consent.



Join Rev, Satya, an ordained interfaith Minister and Certified Death Doula with extensive experience in hospice care, for an enlightening Satsang Lecture on “Memento Mori: The Art and Practice of Dying.” In this profound exploration, we delve into the wisdom of various traditions surrounding death, offering insights into how different cultures and spiritual paths approach this sacred transition.

Throughout the lecture, Rev, Satya will guide participants in contemplating their own mortality, encouraging a deeper understanding of the dying process and its significance in shaping our lives. Drawing from ancient teachings and modern practices, we’ll explore ways to cultivate a conscious approach to death, transforming it into a powerful tool for living more fully.

Whether you seek solace in facing your own mortality, wish to honor the journey of a loved one, or simply desire to deepen your spiritual understanding, this lecture offers a compassionate and insightful exploration of the art and practice of dying. Join us as we embrace the wisdom of the ages and prepare ourselves for life’s most sacred journey.

Monica Mesa Dasi


Monica Mesa Dasi is a Tantrik yogini, intuitive, author of bestselling book WithYou Forever, mother of three sons, and devotee of beloved Gurus Neem Karoli Baba & Amma.

She is a deeply trusted mentor, channeler, plant medicine woman, and an activist that leads the Soul on Fire movement.


Monica has impacted the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of people around the globe with her message of self love, the power of daily practice, and the importance to claim your power, purpose, and passion, & be a beneficial presence on the planet.


She is a presenter at festivals, retreats, global events, and is the creatress of Soul on Fire Mystery School, Tantra Courses & Coaching, & Shakti Yoga Sadhana Weekly Virtual Sadhana!


Her message, “Love Yourself & You Love The World” is what she believes will give rise to personal and planetary healing for a more compassionate, healthy, and harmonious humanity.


Monica can be found living in the mountains and by the sea, surfing, serving, loving, devoted to her daily practices, being a proud mama to her sons, and endlessly believing in a world where all beings can be happy and free.




20 Road 2050 | Aztec, NM 87410

June 7-9, 2024